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Role: Design Direction, Art Direction, Creative Management

Client: Gatorade

Program: Unreal Around The World

Agency: MKTG

It was a big year for global football – not least because it was a World Cup year – and Gatorade wanted to bring the power of its network of world-class partnerships to elite footballers ages 16 to 24.


We started by challenging our target athletes with an online contest in which players submitted videos of them showing off their skills. From there selected players were invited to compete on world-famous pitches such as London’s Emirates Stadium. During those tournaments, each player’s skills were analyzed through a proprietary movement and scoring app.


Five winners were then selected for a one-of-a-kind world tour of famous football camps in Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, the UK and the US to train with top pro coaches and players.


Players from 21 countries worldwide were invited to participate, and grand-prize winners came from as far afield as Brazil, the UK and Canada. Our stadium tournaments led to hundreds of action shots shared online, with more than 1200 clickthroughs to and more than 400,000 social media impressions.

Preview PDF program recap here. Includes photos and case videos.

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